During the program Active to Work I learned to see possibilities again and to lead my life energeticly.

My dream is opening a Turkish fish-delicatessen shop. The area where I am from knows many delicious ways to prepare fish.

I would like to prepare it in the traditional way, on a small woodstove.

I now dare to work together and make choices.

My dream is creating a cozy, joyful ‘living room – restaurant’ where Surinamese specialties are being served. I have a lot of fun in making delicacies with fresh and honest products. My first step is making Surinamese snacks for companies, organizations and private persons when they have parties, receptions , happy hour, etc.

It helped me to communicate better. I like to do the exercises, because they give me energy and a more clear and ‘structured’ head.

My dream is a 3D-print company, where we make unique parts for space travel. At the moment I work as purchasing agent at a IT-company and there I can develop some of the qualities I need to realize my dream.

I am a toltaly different person now, my physical complaints are fanished, I lost a lot of weight and I am able to do sport again.

My dream is a world where everybody communicates clear and transparent. In my vision this is possible by using images.

At this moment I work as a teacher and give drawing lessons. 

My first book is ready to be published. Besides that, I am starting my own company in image communication for education materials, children’s books, PR and other purposes.

I have learned to stand up for myself and that I always have a choice. My body feels much better and ik am able to be active and work again.

My dream is to lead my own Beauty/Wellness center. I am a real busybody and like to organize. Besides that, I have a pack of experience and passion for personal and beauty care.

At the moment I work as manager for ‘Service in de wijk’ at municipality Ede.

I was doing really bad, was extreme stuck, could only cry. Now I am alive again, regained control over my life, enjoy my life and am able to see possibilities. And… I surprised everyone and myself, by quitting smoking, I just did not need it anymore.

My dream is to break through as detective writer. I have humor, am sharp and am now writing for 14 years.

I would like to work as Active to Work trainer in Ede, because the program helped me so much. I want everybody to be able to have the great results as I had.